Finding Community, Balance, and Friendship

Greetings to all table tennis enthusiasts,

I am Jian Jiang, a retired professional engineer (P.Eng.) residing in Mississauga. Table tennis has always been my favorite recreational activity, keeping me fit and energized.

Over the past 20 years, I have actively participated in various table tennis tournaments organized by the Ontario Table Tennis Association (OTTA) and the Canadian Table Tennis Association (CTTA) in the Greater Toronto Area. These experiences have not only enriched my skills but also introduced me to a diverse community of table tennis enthusiasts from all walks of life.

However, I would like to share a unique experience that has truly left a lasting impression on me—the Markham City Canadian Community Table Tennis Association (CCTTA) House League. Despite the distance from Mississauga, I eagerly make the journey to participate in this league, and it has transformed my table tennis journey to new heights.

Located strategically at the heart of Markham, the CCTTA Table Tennis Centre at Markham City is easily accessible from the 401/407 highways, making it the ideal gathering place for table tennis enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area. The diverse range of players from different countries and ethnic backgrounds, including many skilled amateurs, provides a vibrant atmosphere on the courts. Language barriers do not hinder the joy of playing and forging new friendships through the universal language of table tennis.

Moreover, at the CCTTA Table Tennis Centre, you can witness a multitude of playing styles and techniques, which further enhances the appeal of playing at this venue. It has become one of the main reasons why I thoroughly enjoy playing at the Markham City CCTTA House League.

This season’s sanctioned league has set a new record with an unprecedented number of participants. Unlike other clubs where the senior division typically consists of six to ten teams, this season boasts a staggering 16 teams, each with four to five members. With over 60 players attending each weekly event, the atmosphere is electric, providing ample opportunities to meet new friends and broaden our horizons.

     I have had the privilege of participating in Division-1, the advanced level group, where the league adopts a double round-robin format, featuring a rigorous schedule of up to 30 matches over six months. The top eight teams then advance to thrilling knockout matches, showcasing intense competition and testing our mental and physical prowess. Every game presents a challenge, whether it be the joy of victory or the frustration of defeat. This league has etched unforgettable memories in my life as a dedicated and competitive player.

I sincerely hope that the new CCTTA facility will be inaugurated soon, allowing us to host even better year-end tournaments. Let us continue to provide a platform for Toronto table tennis enthusiasts to improve their skills, challenge themselves, and enjoy the spirit of camaraderie.