Great news for ping pong players in Southern Ontario as the Canadian Chinese Table Tennis Association (CCTTA) welcomes Suhaan Gulati, a promising new member and rising star in the sport. Originally from India, Suhaan recently moved to Toronto to pursue his education and career goals, and has quickly made a name for himself on the Canadian table tennis scene.

At just 16 years old, Suhaan is already an accomplished player with a current rating of 2225. Suhaan’s excellent performance was largely due to his newly trained fierce attacking skills on the forehand side, as well as his aggressive control of the game with the backhand serve return and left-right attacks. Congratulations to Suhaan and all the top eight winners for their impressive achievements on the court today!

Despite being new to Canada and the club, Suhaan has adjusted well to the unique and diverse culture of CCTTA. He appreciates the respect and acceptance shown by members from all different backgrounds and cultures, making it easier for him to settle in and feel at home. Suhaan credits his friends at CCTTA for introducing him to the club, which he describes as an outstanding place for players of all levels.

While Suhaan is exploring different career options, he knows that table tennis will always be a part of his life. He is committed to managing his student-athlete life to keep his options open, but has expressed a strong interest in pursuing a career in finance or sports-related fields. However, Suhaan faces a challenge in advancing his skills due to the high cost of professional table tennis coaching. Despite this, he remains determined to continue playing and improving, and is grateful for the support of his parents who provide him with top-quality equipment and supplies.

CCTTA is thrilled to have Suhaan as a member and looks forward to watching him grow and excel both on and off the table. We encourage all members to welcome him and join us in supporting his journey towards success. With his talent, enthusiasm, and ambition, Suhaan is sure to make a lasting impact on the table tennis community in Southern Ontario and beyond.

Stanleyn, Manager of House League & Tournaments of CCTTA