From Iran to Canada: A Journey Fueled by Ping Pong

Vahan Gharakhan is a seasoned table tennis player with a long-standing passion for the game. Born in Iran in 1944, Vahan developed a love for ping pong at a young age and continued playing even after enlisting in the Iranian army. Vahan’s dedication to the sport has taken him to various clubs and tournaments around the world, including the USA and Armenia.

In 1979, Vahan’s priorities shifted as the Iranian revolution threatened his family’s safety. He moved to Canada after a brief stay in Germany and continued his search for a good ping pong club. After playing at many different venues, Vahan discovered CCTTA and found the players and management to be very kind and welcoming.

CCTTA has since become a second home to Vahan, providing him with a sense of belonging and diverse friendships that he cherishes. Vahan has been involved in coaching young players in different clubs throughout his life and has found a fulfilling community at CCTTA.

Despite his many experiences with different clubs and tournaments, Vahan believes that CCTTA has been one of the best experiences he has had in his almost 20 years of playing. For Vahan, table tennis is not just a game, but a way of life that has brought him joy and a sense of community throughout his journey.

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