At the WTT Youth Contender Charleston, Amber Lin won a bronze medal for Canada in the U11 girls singles.

This was Amber’s first appearance at an international competition. “My goal going into the competition was to win 1 match since all the players were so good. But at the end, the results turned out really good for me” Amber said at the end of the tournament.

The U11 and U13 quarter-finals and semi–finals had all players from the USA except for Amber was the only non-American. In the semi–finals, Amber lost to Abigail, the U11 gold and U13 silver medalist at the WTT Youth Contender Charleston. 

A week earlier in the Hopes Challenge, Amber lost to Abigail 0:3, with 2 sets being under 3 points. She has shown big improvement at WTT and even had 2 sets deuce with Abigail. Amber said “Although I lost to them every time, the next time I played them, the scores were a lot closer than the times before. The preparations and analysis I did with my coach, Anqi, helped a lot as it helped me remember what to do and to know their weaknesses better.”