My TTC Mississauga
2436 Haines Road
L4Y 1Y6

Deadline to register:

December 06, 2022 12:00 pm

Entry Fee:

– $250 per Team, and
– $150 per Team as Security Deposit for completion of all team matches.

(Security Deposit will be refunded if and only if ALL team matches completed in the season and all financial issues are dealing directly with each Team Captain only.)


– MyTTC Annual Member only, add $80 per player for Non-member or Multiple Pass Members
OTTA or other provincial membership VALID TILL April 1st 2023 is required.
OTTA membership available on site: $50/Year (Full access to all OTTA sanctioned events)


– Double Fish tables and Double Fish New Plastc ABS White V40+ mm 3-stars balls.
– Earn points for Ontario ranking
– Earn Canadian rating points – 1 Star

MyTTC House League 2022/23

MyTTC Mississauga

2436 Haines Road  Mississauga, L4Y 1Y6

TWO (2) Divisions (Maximum 8 teams registered per Division) Sanctioned Tournament:

DIVISION 1: Dec 09, 2022 to Feb 17, 2023 (every FRIDAY night at 7:00 PM, except Holidays)

DIVISION 2: Dec 13, 2022 to Feb 21, 2023 (every TUESDAY night at 7:00 PM, except Holidays)

Holiday Off: between Dec 24, 2022 to Jan 02, 2023

The tournament will be conducted under the laws of the ITTF, the TTCAN, and the OTTA. All participants, by entering, agree to abide by the decisions of the Referee and the Tournament Director.

  • No rating limit, you can form your own team. Teams signed up will be divided into three groups.
  • Higher rating teams will be on Division 1,  Lower rating will be on Division 3. (Both Divisions sanctioned)
  • Each team will have minimum of 3 or maximum of 5 players at Team of 3.
  • First Stage: Single Round Robin – All teams within the same division compete among each other based on SWAYTHLING format (9 singles). The top four teams within same Division are promoted into the second stage: Play-Off.
  • Second Stage: Play-Off – The top four teams are entering into the knock-off until the champion coming out.
    Matches must be complete on schedule date or week and incomplete one will be default without re-play. The re-schedule is only accepted with consent from two teams incurred in advance and the re-play match must be taken right ahead of next schedule date.
SCORING: Winning team gets 2 scores, and 1 score for losing one, nothing for default.
  1.  For each team, a maximum of five (5) players regardless of gender may enter in their respective teams. The combined total number of men’s and women’s team players shall not exceed five (5).
  2.  For team match, each and opposing team shall select three players from their pool of players registered.
  3.  The team match shall be won by the team that wins five (5) out of the 9 individual matches in SWAYTHLING format. All individual matches are played in a best of five (5) games/sets format, with the player who wins three (3) out of the five (5) games/sets being declared the winner. All remaining individual matches are not necessary to be continued and completed when the said team match result has been known.
  4.  The final positions/rankings are determined from the results of the Play-Off.

During the season, any team can add player(s) with the relevant entry fee paid up to maximum of 5 players at her own will, but it must be before “the last round of “First Stage” finished. There is NO limitation of the level of player(s) only in Division A only. The ratings and results
created by the player(s) added are then counted effectively afterwards.

Substitution Player(s) Policy: NO substituted player(s) is allowed.

(The prize money will be half when the entry teams are less than 7 or at 7 teams in each division)

  1. $1,000/Team + Gold Medal/Player + 3 x MyTTC Annual Memberships for 3 most active Players
  2. $500/Team + Silver Medals/Player
  3. $250 Team + Bronze Medal/Player
  4. Bronze Medal/Player
  1. $300/Team + Gold Medal/Player
  2. Silver Medals/Player
  3. Bronze Medal/Player
  4. Bronze Medal/Player