Geng Table-Tennis Academy

Starting time:

– Morning 09:30

Deadline to register:

February 23, 2023

Entry Fee:

– $56


– Medals for podium places

– Medals for top 3 U13 Participants

– Earn points for Ontario ranking
– Earn Canadian rating points – 2 Stars
The February GTTA Challenge saw our largest single event so far (19 participants), including four players who joined us from Montreal (Christina and Judy Cui, Minh Duong and Louis Sun).  Due to the numbers, the relative skill levels and the desire by all to play as many matches as possible in the available time, we modified the format to be three round robin groups in the initial round leading into three further round robin groups for the playoff round. 
As it turned out, all of our medal winners (overall and U13) placed in the top group of six, and one of the U13 medalists was one of our Montreal players. 
The final match saw a strong performance by Alec Wei to overcome Lucas Xie for the overall gold medal.  The overall bronze went to Joshua Su, who also won the U13 gold.  U13 silver and bronze were won by Louis Sun and Jermey Yuan, respectively.  

Registration through GTTA Head Coach Lijuan Geng (
Priority for registration is to those that are training regularly at an HPC (GTTA, Ontario or National), but others are welcome.
Categorization of the event will be based on participants.

unday, February 26th

    • TBD


  • Tables: 4
  • A giant round robin or large round robin groups followed by progressive eliminations, depending on the number of entries
  • Minimum of 7 matches per player

  • Masks must be worn when not playing
  • No spectators allowed

  • All classes are based on current TTCAN Rating
  • Seeding positions will be based on last available Ontario Ranking List before the tournament
  • Referee has right to estimate player’s TTCAN ranking in case of players without position at Ontario Ranking List
  • All matches best of 5
  • All participants has to be active members of the Ontario Table Tennis Association or any other Canadian provincial TTA

Tournament Referee:

  • John Dullaert