The OTT has made following decisions related to the registration of Ontario athletes for Canadian Championships:

The OTT recognizes national tournaments as significant High Performance events that are milestone for athletes career. At the same time, participating in Ontario Championships and provincial events is a logical progression for athletes to represent their province at the national level. Combined those events are highlights of the table tennis season and their interconnections are important part of the Long Term Athlete Development. This model is the core of the Canadian sports policies and endorsed by all levels of sports authorities at national and provincial levels.

The OTT has decided to further strengthen this relationship between national and provincial events and made following decisions:

The 2024 Canadian Championships will be held in Laval (Quebec). Senior July 18-24; Youth (U19, U15, and U13) July 20-24. TTCAN will announce fees for these events. In addition, the OTT will:

  1. Select players for the team events based on following criteria:
    • Players must be High Performance member
    • Mandatory participation at Ontario Championships (October 2023 / April 2024) based on age categories)
    • Ontario Champions will represent Ontario at team events
    • Other three players for each team will be selected based on Ontario Ranking List ( published prior  the registration announcement for 2023 Canadian Championships)
  2. Select players for the individual events based on following criteria:
    • If TTCAN impose entry limitations to provinces, the OTT will select players based on
      • memberships (HP players priority)
      • participation at Ontario Championships (October 2023 / April 2024) and
      • Ontario Ranking List position.
  3. Registration fees:
    • TTCAN announced fees
    • additional $250 fees for administrative registration costs.
    • $250 fees will be waived for
      • High Performance members who participated in the Ontario Championships (October 2023, April 2024)
      • have an international or higher level according to the Ontario Ranking List while registering for the 2024 Canadian Championships.
    • Wearing and purchasing OTT uniform for the event is mandatory. Fees will be announced at the end of April
    • Players that makes spot for Ontario Team will be waived
      • Team fees
      • Fees for uniforms
    • Players that participate at the Ontario Championships (October 2023, April 2024) will receive 33% discount for uniforms
    • Additional support will be provided to HP players based on their results and participation at 2024 Canadian Championships and 2024 Ontario Summer Games.