- I am interested in competing in some of the OTTA open tournaments and wanted to obtain some more information regarding the classes. As this will be my first time competing, I would like to be able to get an understanding as to what the different classes mean?

Events are based on the players strength, so that all players participating would play with opponents of similar levels, and are based on Classes.
Classes are:

  • Open,
  • Class 2 (Under 2400),
  • Class 3 (Under 2000),
  • Class 4 (Under 1600),
  • Class 5 (Under 1200),
  • Class 6 (Under 800),
  • Class 7 (Under 400)

Open being most competitive and Class 7 most basic, entry Class.
For example Under 400 means that the Class 7 (U400) can play only players that have less than 400points in the TTCAN Rating, and Open, being most competitive is open to all players (but really not recommended for those with basic skills in table-tennis)

What about Age classes?

Age classes are:

  • U19 Boys & U19 Girls
  • U15 Boys & U15 Girls
  • U13 Boys & U13 Girls
  • U11 Boys & U11 Girls
  • U9 Boys & U9 Girls
  • O40 (Over 40)
  • O55 (Over 55)


Why are there limited entries at OTTA sanctioned tournaments

OTTA sanctioned tournaments have limited number of entries. This is done for two reasons: preventing large crowds (covid preventions) and planning good format that will enable all participants certain number of matches.

I’d like to register but there are no more spots available. What are my options?

Send email to showing your interest.
Wait if there are cancellations to get opportunity to be registered.
(Pay fees by using etransfer)

My entry got accepted, but it was over the announced entry capacity. My name has withdrawn from the event.

Registration fees will be returned to you (full amount).


I have withdrawn before the deadline. What is procedure?

Your entry will be cancelled and your fees reimbursed minus the administration fee.

I have withdrawn after the deadline. What is procedure?

Your entry will be cancelled but your fees will not be reimbursed.

I have withdrawn from the tournament. When can I expect refund?

If you have withdrawn before the Final Entry day, you can expect a refund after the tournament, minus the $5 administration fee.


I can see that there are different types of membership. What are the differences between them?

Competitive – standard membership type, can participate in sanctioned events, membership last for 1 year from the date you registered/renewed your membership.
HP (High Performance) – intended for advanced athletes, only players who train at HP Centers can register for HP membership. HP membership lasts from September 1st – August 31

What should I do to be able to participate in sanctioned tournaments?

To play any sanctioned Ontario Table Tennis tournament you have to be a member of OTTA (Ontario Table tennis Association).
If not you can be a member by signing in:
Membership fee is $50/Y.
After that you will be able to make an Online Entry to any tournament – OTTA Calendar
When choosing the club you’re a member of – if not a member of any of the OTTA clubs then please choose “individual affiliation”.


I would like to be a member of OTTA, but I'm currently not a member of any of the Clubs offered. What should I choose for my Club affiliation?

If not member of any of the clubs offered, please choose “individual affiliation”

I have changed the Club I'm playing at, but I'm not able to update it on my account. What should I do?

Please fill in the adequate form:


I have played a tournament in a province other than ON, and the TTCAN rating results are now doubles, besides ON I have my name in another province too.

ON is responsible to report all your tournaments in ON.
When you participated in tournament in a province other that ON, if you have informed organizer that you are from different province, it would be there responsibility to send your results as member of ON. Only they can make correction, and if noticeD it by 20th of that month iT can probably be corrected, after that it would be, most likely, unrealistic because of the way the TTCAN rating points are calculated.

I have noticed incorrect result (name) in the TTCAN Rating.

Due to a system of calculation of the TTCAN Rating it is only possible to correct results if you report it up to 20th of the month for the previous month results (as all results has to be re-imported because of the rating calculation type – person to person)

I'm a member of other Provincial Association than Ontario, can I still participate in a sanctioned event organized by OTTA?

Yes, but you’ll need to provide a proof that you’re an active member of your Provincial Association (if you’re not on recent TTCAN rating lists for your province) before the tournament or join OTTA as Individual member (if not member of any OTTA Clubs) and become an ON player

Please merge my 2 profiles on TTCAN Rating

TTCAN has head-to-head ranking system. It means that one player is getting the points based on playing with his opponents. Results are calculated once a month and list is published. As you can imagine, if there is mistake or you would like to “merge” player’s different account, it would require to recalculate results not only for the tournament when results are made but also for all subsequent tournaments in all Canada.
TTCAN has very clear policy – report wrong results or wrong names by 20th of the current month. Anything else is bringing false expectations to our members. Key for preventing mistakes is to use tournament database (only one account for people with same names, date of births, emails). One that operates tournament software can use tournament validation function to check members.