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Each member of fully affiliated club is member of the Ontario Table Tennis as well. Your club will represent the OTTA in various programs and defined amount of the membership will be returned to club to be spent on those programs and improving training environment to joint membership.

You need to notify your members that they are becoming the Ontario Table Tennis members by:

  •  placing wording "by accepting club membership I accept the Ontario Table Tennis Association membership, its policies and code of conducts". 
  • by posting OTTA logo at club's web site home page with words "fully affiliated" linked to the Ontario Table Tennis web site (www.ontariotabletennis.com)
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If you have more than one venue please, enter it here:

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For Fully Affilaited Clubs Only
    1. You will receive list of all player's associated with your club with their OTTA Id Numbers
    2. Please, send us the list of your members with following mandatory fields: (First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, email according to submitted template). If your members don't want to give Date of Birth and email, they will be listed as Recreational members - no rights to play at the santioned tournaments till all data doesn't become available.

    3. Clubs will receive instant rebate of 27$ per member. However the funds has to be spent in a club for enhancing club's and OTTA's programs or improving equipment and facilities.

    4. Club representative will receive the access to club database and will be able to enter new members or change basic data of current ones. However, transfer and note of payments will need to be done by OTTA administrator. Please, don't change member's name without noticing OTTA because it can cause lose of ranking (eventual changes in member's name has to be sent to TT Canada by the OTTA administrator)

    5. You will receive invoice for the club membership (100$), insurance (according to the submitted form) and the insurance certificate. Insurance for 2018-19 will be valid from April 25th.