Table Tennis Canada has published National Team Squad Lists – Olympic, World Championships, Shadow (Senior National Teams), Junior 18, Cadet 15 and Aspiring (Youth National Teams). Altogether there are 112 names.

How is Ontario doing?

If we look at the 112 names or better to say spots, because some names appear twice on published lists, Ontario is leading with 36 “spots”  which makes it a little bit over 32%. We are followed by Quebec 34 and BC 30. Only three other provinces made the lists: Alberta (7), Manitoba (4) and Nova Scotia (1).


Let’s see all the list from a different angle. It is not an official list but we can bring a sharper view into the current state of our national teams. Teams, in most situation, consist of 3 players. If we would look for team lists, not squad list and counted only first three players for Olympic and World Championships and first 3 players from ranking list for juniors and cadets we’ll probably get closer to “quality view” of published lists. At this list Ontario has 13 names or 54%.


At this point, it looks like Ontario is the leader of Canadian table tennis. A great achievement and a huge responsibility.