Ontarians only improve in the tournament’s second half.
Raymond Zhang, National Team and Three 10 coach: “Cindy’s big day! Her group was challenging. Round robin included two US players. Each of them can defeat Cindy Zhu. It would not be a surprise or disappointment. Still, she improves with each match.”
She met four US players on her U11G gold quest. After trailing Isabella Joseph in the fifth game, she saved two match points in round robin.
In final match each participant gets a chance in final’s first game. Cindy saved the first game with a 13:12 timeout. Then it was continual assault and identical outcomes against Shreya Venkateraman as in round robin 3/1.
At the next World Ranking, Cindy, 25th at U11, might reach Top 10. WTT Youth Contender in Westchester, US at the end of June can only improve it.

There was more than just Cindy. Other seven Ontarians have also done well.  Jessie Xu, Three 10, was able to replicate her U17G road to podium. After winning her round robin, she faced Isabella Xu, a 131 U19G WRL position superior opponent, in the quarterfinals. Semis were reminiscent of the U17G SF vs Saly Moyland.

The second bronze medal match was won by True North’s outstanding and first-time international player, Daniel Liang. Daniel won his round robin and defeated Vihaan Taneja of the United States 0–2 in the quarterfinals. Daniel had a memorable tournament.

Meech Dullaert and Alec Wei from Geng Academy, Jaelen Chen and Ruoyan Yang from Three 10, and Malcolm Xiong from the True North have moved beyond the round robin. Success is something Canadians have just lately become accustomed to. Justin You, True North, had a tough round robin group and didn’t advance.

Seven bronze medals and one gold medal. Feast that Canadians haven’t had for a long time.

Results U19, U15 and U11