The best Ontario players will meet on April 22-23 in Mississauga and pursue the podium and trophies at the most prestigious provincial event. Ten age events (U18, U15, U13 and U11, boys and girls each plus Over 40 and Over 55), three class events (Class 2 – U2400, Class 4 –  U1600, Class 6 – U800) and Open Men and Women will make total of 15 events.

Each player can select only one event per time slot (morning or afternoon of a same day). For more information read Frequently Asked Questions section. If you don’t find your answer there ask Kenneth Wan at

How can I register?

Only online entries are accepted. Click here. 

Why are not paper entries acceptable?

By entering online players makes sure that his name and all other information are correct. With paper entries we have experienced a lot of issues when comes to submitting results for ranking. Sometimes names were not entered correctly (handwriting were difficult to read), but most of the time the issue were different names that would the very same players use in different situation. Although it would be done without bad intentions (Eugene Wang  vs Zhen Wang, Mohammed Ali vs Muhamed Ali vs Mohamed Hassan) consequences were inaccuracy in rating, duplicates and unnecessary administration hours.

The Ontario Table Tennis has identified those issues and adopted new online system four years ago. System consists of:

  • membership database (unique OTTA number for each player)
  • tournament management results (to enable efficiacy in organizing events)
  • tournament pages with schedule, draw, results  – minimum delay in publishing and following results by using phone, tablet or laptop.

For last several years we have noticed that number of co-organizers of sanctioned events prefer to collect also entries in person. However, above mentioned mistakes were not eliminated. So, finally, Ontario Table Tennis has made decision to pursue the most efficient way to manage tournament that guarantees the minimum number of mistakes.

I am member of club that is fully affiliated. So I don't have to purchase OTTA membership, but my membership is not renewed or not registered yet. What should I do?

Pay your OTTA membership online and submit proof that you have paid membership to our fully affiliated clubs and the OTTA will return you 40 $. The process has to be completed by April 30th.

Most of the clubs are choosing to update membership in the first days of April. We expect to have list of members submitted by April 30th.