The National Junior Championships will be held in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, at the Credit Union Center.  This is a large multi sports center that houses two ice arenas, the “Hall of Fame” for PEI and a bowling alley.  There are a couple of restaurants on site along with banquet facilities for up to 500 people.  The date of the Championship will begin on July 4 (Thu) and end on July 7 (Sun) 2019 (4 days).


With the inclusion of the U13 event and the possibility of a group for Under 11, we will follow the ITTF regulations regarding rackets.  This includes:

  1.  Coverings must be on the approved List of Authorized Racket Coverings (LARC).  Go to ITTF web site and ensure that your rubber is approved.
  2. The total thickness of sponge and rubber cannot exceed 4mm.  As an example, this means that you could have 2.1mm rubber and sponge of 1.9mm.  Please refer to ITTF Rules and Regulations – Chapter 2 section 2.4.1 to 2.4.8
  3. There are no Canadian restrictions that I have found in the minutes of any meetings of the Board of Directors or the Members’ Council.

Memo – Racket Coverings.pdf