David Xu, 2021 Ontario Championships runner up

The first player chosen to represent Ontario in team events at the following Canadian Championships is often the champion of the Open Men and Open Women competitions. All seven events’ winners will get trophies, and the Open Men’s and Open Women’s winners will also have their names printed on a big trophy that they can keep until the following provincial championships. 32 men and 17 women have signed up thus far. Ontario Championships 2021 were won by Hamed Bashtbavi and Jessie Xu.

The Ontario Championships this year added a new category called Under 9. For the new event, 8 boys and 7 girls have registered thus far. Boys and girls who are two years older (U11) have a strong showing thus far with 19 and 12 entries, respectively. The current championship holders are Amy Zhao and Malcolm Xiong. Although Amy is older and will attempt to compete in Open Women, Malcolm will make every effort to repeat last year’s achievement.

There are currently 12 participants in the veterans’ category (O40). Xiaoou Dong, the 2021 winner, did not sign up for this year’s competition (yet).

John Chen will serve as the match’s referee, and Pincheng Zhao, who will be also a referee at the CWG Selection Tournament, will assist him as an umpire. Other umpires are Yin ZHANG, Yuping YAN, Huinan DENG, Pu (Ken) ZHANG and Billy NG.

The registration deadline for the 2022 Ontario Championships is November 16 at midnight.