Ontario Championships officials (from left ot right): Dejan Papic, Pu Zhang, Yin Zhang, Rosa Zhang,  Huinan Deng, Jing Yang


What are the paths taken by provincial officials?
  • Umpire
    • Club
      • Club’s umpire exam online or
      • In-person course + exam, please, check website announcements for the next course.
    • Provincial and National
      • Practical (Trainee Status):
        • The candidate must identify himself to the referee of the sanctioned tournament and request two observations during the tournament. The referee will attempt to meet the request himself or delegate it to another.
        • Provincial Umpire Trainees must have 4 matches recorded on his/her card that state – “Meets Expectation” before applying to write the Provincial Examination. The Provincial Trainee must have a minimum of 1 Doubles and a combination of 3 more matches,either semi-finals or finals, at sanctioned tournaments.
        • National Umpire Trainees must have a minimum of 7 matches recorded on their card that state “Meets Expectations” before applying to write the National Examination. The National Trainee must have a minimum of 2 doubles and combination of 5 more matches, either semi-finals or finals in Open tournaments
        • No Umpire may have more than 2 matches recorded on his/her card at one event.
        • The candiate must umpire for a minimum of 6 hours each day in the tournament.
        • The referee or delegated officials will complete the evaluation form, review with the umpire and sign the card. The official may return the completed evaluation form to the trainee.
        • Under ‘Date Started’ in the record section, insert date of commencement of record. 
        • Under ‘Date Completed’, insert date of last match umpired that states “meets expectations”
          for the record.
      • Exam: Take the provincial umpire exam (see announcements at the web site for next course and exam)
  • Referee
      • Take the referee’s provincial course and exam
      • Provincial referee’s course will be organized when at least 2 candidates announce their interest by fulfilling this form
    What is required to be identified as an Active Official?

    In the previous 52 weeks, you must have officiated at least one Ontario Table Tennis organized or co-organized tournament.
    A co-organized event is one that Ontario Table Tennis arranges in cooperation with another table tennis organization (usually Table Tennis Canada).
    Only officials who have been invited by the Ontario Table Tennis Association will be given credit.

    Do I need to be the Ontario Table Tennis member?

    Yes. Officiating at the sanctioned tournaments requires Ontario Table Tennis membership.
    Please visit your account page to join or renew your membership.

    What remuneration do officials get for officiating at the sanctioned events?
    • $100 per day for a referee and control desk
    • $50 per day for umpire.
    What additional support are available to officials?

    All officials will get additional support for food (assuming that they have started at 9am):

    • $60 if tournaments finishes after 6pm
    • $40 if after 3pm

    Every year on March 31st, the Ontario Table Tennis Association will renew memberships for officials who participated in two tournaments organized or co-organized by the Ontario Table Tennis Association during the previous year (no costs to officials).

    All National and International umpires and referees are required to pay TTCAN membership fees ($100). Ontario Table Tennis will give full support for TTCAN official membership for officials who have participated in 5 or more PROVINCIAL tournaments.

    Professional development – officials who have officiated at seven or more Ontario Table Tennis-organized or co-organized events in the previous 52 weeks will be eligible for further professional development assistance. Mentorship, funded participation in provincial or national certification courses, assistance for participation in national or international events, or other types of support will be provided for professional development.

    How can I get selected for a national event?
    • Ontario Table Tennis membership is mandatory.
    • If more canadidates than available spots following criteria will apply:
      • opportunity to be evaluated or pursue higher level of certification
      • activities on provincial tournaments
      • official’s certification

      If there are two or more candidates with same or similar certification, evaluation needs and activities at provincial level, following candidates will have advantage:

      • Those who participate in fewer unsanctioned events
      • Those who have not lately been chosen for National competitions (in order to provide equal opportunity to all candidates).
      What about unsanctioned events?

      Officials who want to officiate at unannounced events must complete the following form.

      Officiating at unsanctioned events in Ontario will result in the official’s membership being revoked, if:

      • The event coincides with key events in Ontario (Ontario Championships, Ontario Cups or any other events marked ON1, ON2 or CAN at tournament calendar)
      • If an official wears an Ontario Table Tennis outfit at an unscheduled tournament.

      For ON3 events, Ontario Table Tennis reserves the right to make a decision about an official’s membership status or support (membership fees, professional development) based on the impact of an unanticipated event in which the official has previously participated in Ontario Table Tennis sanctioned events.

      Submitting activity card

      Only officials pursuing and maintaining national and international certifications need to submit activity card.

      Officials pursuing provincial certifications can found their log in the section Active Officials.

      Officials Tournaments Applications

      Officials Tournaments Applications

      BATTS Challenge July 14 2024 Officials: Parvaneh Choupannejad Effat Borna Yin Zhang Ontario CCTTA Top 8 (Challenge) July 21 2024 Officials: Yin Zhang Parvaneh Choupannejad Effat Borna Peter Yau Hon Kwok Betty Cheung My TTC Challenge August 11 2024 Officials: Ken Pu...

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      Club Umpire & Provincial Umpire Course – May 26th 2024

      Club Umpire & Provincial Umpire Course – May 26th 2024

      – Club Umpire Course – Anyone who wishes to familiarize with the ITTF Laws of Table Tennis
      – Provincial Umpire Course – Club Umpire to advance his/her careers in Table Tennis and meet the following requirements.
      – Date: May 26th 2024,

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      Club Umpire & Provincial Umpire Course – May 14th

      Club Umpire & Provincial Umpire Course – May 14th

      – Club Umpire Course – Anyone who wishes to familiarize with the ITTF Laws of Table Tennis
      – Provincial Umpire Course – Club Umpire to advance his/her careers in Table Tennis and meet the following requirements.
      – Date: May 14th 2023,
      – Venue: The True North TTC
      – Facilitator: Dave Lau (International Umpire)

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