Jessie Xu – 2024 Women’s Singles Canadian Champion

Ontario GTTA Challenge July 28 2024

Ontario MyTTC Challenge July 7 2024

Ontario GTTA Challenge March 2024

Ontario GTTA Challenge March 2024

– Class A
– The Referee reserves the right to split the event in two if more than 18 participants register
– If there are two events, the Class A will be 09:00 – 14:00 (door will open at 08:00) and a Class B will be 15:00 – 20:00.

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Chasing Medals at the Pan Am 2023

Mo Zhang and Eugene Wang are in the quarter finals at the 2023 Pan American Championships in Havana, Cuba. In addition, Mo Zhang and Ivy Liao have reached the semi-finals. Mo and Ivy will confront Daniel Ortega/Paulina Vega of Chile at 10 am on Wednesday 13 September...

MLTT Picked Jeremy Hazin in the Sixth Round

Jeremy Hazin (Ontario), Edward Ly (Quebec), and Paul Qi (British Columbia) are among the 64 table tennis players drafted for the Mayor League Table Tennis (MLTT). All three athletes were selected in the sixth round. Jeremy will represent Gold Rush...

Demi Cai in pursuit of excellence

Demi Cai in pursuit of excellence

Demi Cai is one of the top three junior players in Ontario. Even though 2022 was her first year as a junior, she is not unfamiliar with international tournaments. She has three continental championship medals. Uncommon accomplishment among athletes her age. Demi began...

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Jessie Xu Knows How

Jessie Xu Knows How

I began by picking up balls for my sister's multi-ball practice. Jessie recalls well how her table tennis career began. Joy, Jessie's sister, was one of Ontario's hopes at the moment (players under 12 years old). She was most likely the most talented girl at the time....

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