Ontario Spring Cup 2024 – U11

Ontario BATT Challenge June 22 2024

Ontario GTTA Challenge June 23 2024

Ontario CTTA Top 8 Challenge June 16 2024

Never Too Old For Gold in full swing

Never Too Old For Gold in full swing

Never Too Old For Gold  program is in full swing in 2015/16 season  in Mississauga, Kingston, Sudbury, Ottawa, Windsor, Kitchener and Markham. Over 500 Ontario seniors has been touched by program promoting table tennis as healthy life style.

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Wang Zhen qualified for Rio!

Wang Zhen qualified for Rio!

Eugene (Zhen) Wang, the best Canadian and Ontarian player, has booked his ticket for Olympic Games 2016 in a very convincing style. He won all three matches in a day 1 and together with Zhang Lily (USA) secured his spot for the most prestigious sport's event.  Your...

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