The 2024 Canadian Senior and Junior Championships will be held at the “Club Tennis de Table Rèflexe Laval” Quebec:

2024 Canadian Championships Prospectus

2024 Canadian Junior Championships Prospectus

Fees for individual events (a + b – c)

  1. Basic fees from TTCAN per event ($100 per event, $100 per pair for doubles)
  2. OTT fees including uniforms is $350.
  3. Discounts
    • $350
      • Players that has been selected to represent Ontario at team events
      • Players that has Elite and International level (Eugene Wang, while Jessie Xu, Sunny Zhang and Cindy Zhu already included under c) )
    • $250
      • Players that has participated at 2023 Ontario Championships (Seniors, U11, U17) and 2024 Ontario Championships (U19, U15, U13)
      • Players registered for 2024 Ontario Summer Games.
      • Players that didn’t participate at 2023 Ontario Championships (Seniors) and that has participated at two out of three events  (Ontario Summer Cup, September 2023, Ontario Spring Cup, June 1 or 2024 Regional Championships, Markham Championships or Ottawa Championships at any of the following categories Class A, B or C (for MS and WS)
      • Players entering O40 or other veterans events
      • [Update] U11 HP players with at least one tournament prior to the Can Championships
    • Discount is applicable only for the related events. For example, participation at Ontario Championships U13, doesn’t automatically qualify for discount for U15 or any other event. Similarly, ones participated in O40 will not be eligible for discount in MS or WS if they didn’t participated in above specified events.

Unfortunately, the deadline to Register has passed.