Sixty players and ten coaches will be selected for the event to compete at singles and doubles events in U19B, U19G, U15B, U15G, U13B and U13G categories.

Selection process:

  1. Regional qualifications (12 players)
    1. Greater Toronto Area (6 players)

                                                    i.  2024 Mississauga Championships (U15G and U15B)

                                                   ii.  2024 Markham Championships (U19G and U19B)

                                                  iii.  2024 March MyTTC Challenge (U13G and U13B)

  1. Ottawa (6 players)

                                                    i.  Nepean Championships (U19B, U15G and U13G)

                                                   ii.  Ottawa Championships (U19G, U15B and U13B)

Winner of each category qualifies.

Minimum number of participants per category – 4.

  1. 2024 Ontario Junior Championships (all categories; 12 players)
    Winner of each category qualifies. If a regional and the provincial champions are the same, the next player in the Ontario Championships final standings qualifies for Ontario Summer Games.
  2. Each High Performance Club selects one HP member regardless of age and gender (9 players); form to be open before April 15th.
  3. The April Ontario Ranking List will determine 21 spot based on ranking list. The initial intake will include a maximum of ten players from each of six categories including players selected in steps 1-3.
    When selecting players from the ranking list, priority will be given to HP players.
  4. By May 15th six competitors will be chosen as wild cards by the OTT. In the selection process, geographic and gender representation will be considered.
  5. Subsequent intake; in cases where a specific category lacks an adequate number of participants, the OTT can change the number of athletes per category, while respecting gender parity. 
  6. The registration deadline for participants is
    • April 20th – Regional and Provincial champions (1. and 2.)
    • April 30th – HP Centers selection (3.)
    • May 10th – HP players invited based on April ORL (4.)
    • May 15th – wild cards
    • May 30th – for remaining spots (if necessary, should a-d fail to bring in a sufficient amount of registrants)