Info from TTCAN

The Ontario Table Tennis Association got the following information from TTCAN last week: 

2023 Target Tournament (players U11-U14) $ U15B and U15G Selection Tournament for 2023 Pan American Championships will be organized in Laval (QC) dates April 28-30

2023 Selection Tournament for 2023 Pan American Games and 2023 Pan American Championships will be held June 2-4; MS in Mississauga and WS in Vancouver, BC

2023 Canadian Junior Championships will be organized in Quebec (place still unknown), dates July 5-9

2023 Canadian Senior Championships will be organized in Hay River, Northwest Territories, dates September 21-24

TTCAN has also informed about major Continental Championships and Games in 2023 ( for all age categories). Full information can be found at the OTTA Calendar.

Changes in provincial events in order to accommodate above changes from TTCAN

Considering above information the majority of High Performance Centers indicated their view that the March-June event calendar is very packed. Also, given the large number of events, organizing the Ontario Double Championships as a separate tournament may interfere with players’ preparation for other tournaments and necessitate extensive travel for competitors from outside the Greater Toronto Area.

This is why the following modifications have been made to Calendar:

Ontario Double Championships, March 4-5 (postponed)

The Ontario Championships for U13, U15, and U19 have been rescheduled for April 15-16.

Ontario BATT Challenge in April (postponed)

April 22-23 Finals of the Ontario Team Championships and August 12-13 Relocation of the Ontario Summer Cup to August 26-27

More opportunities for COMPETITIVE members

To provide competitive chances for players who are not seeking qualifying for international competitions, the following new events have been added to the calendar:

4-5 March Ontario Ottawa TTC Challenge

11-12 March Ontario Sunny Challenge 

19 March Ontario CCTTA Challenge 

15-16 April Class 2, 4, and 6 during the  U13, U15, and U19 Ontario Championships

If March events create enough interest, another Challenge tournaments is to be considered on April 29-30 (2-3 categories only). More Challenge events are to be added in period after May.

Ontario Selections for coming National events

The selection criteria for the Ontario Team at the 2023 Target Championships, the 2023 Canadian Championships, and the 2023 MS, WS, U19 and U15 Selection events will be announced shortly. Not later than February 28 or sooner if TTCAN provides further information before the end of February.

Ontario Table Tennis has asked for the organizing of several national events in order to defray the travel expenses of its top players and instructors. TTCAN has granted Ontario the responsibility of organizing the MS Selection Tournament on June 3 and 4. The tournament will be held at GTA.