TTCAN does not have a budget for the U11 and U13 Pan American Championships to be held in Masquera, Colombia, on 9-15 October 2023.

Players who wish to participate can do so, through TTCAN, but at their own cost (self-funded). This means that each player (parents) must assume the cost of air-travel, meals, and accommodation. Fortunately, the meals and accommodation are included in one package at a very reasonable price (see prospectus).

CONDITION: Player’s must be accompanied by an adult (parent or coach).

TTCAN will do the following, then invoice each participant for the related costs:

  • Enter the players in the event
  • Pay the organizing committee for the accommodation/meals package for each player, then invoice the player accordingly
  • Provide playing shirts if sizes are available ($30 per shirt)
  • Pay for the entry fees directly (will not be charged to the player)
  • Based on the entries received, TTCAN will form the teams and doubles (with parents’ input)

The parent of the player must do the following:

  • Confirm participation to TTCAN 5 days before the deadline not later than 4 September 2023
  • Provide travel details not later than 15 September 2023 (flight numbers, arrival, and departure)
  • Accept the financial conditions
  • Accept full responsibility for the participation of the player
  • Pay the TTCAN invoice upon receipt before the organizer’s entry deadline of 9 September
  • Indicate if additional hotel rooms are needed (parents? personal coach?)
  • Ensure that the player has a playing shirt with their name printed on the back

Please find attached the Prospectus for the event with all the necessary information. Please note that although the entry deadline is on 9 September, we need your confirmation of entry by 4 September 2023, as it takes a few days to register the players and to make payment to the Organizing Committee.

All participants must be registered with the ITTF and must be Canadian citizens. Please provide a copy of player’s passport (by e-mail attachment) when you confirm your entry.

Teams and Doubles combinations will be formed by TTCAN based on all entries received. Following are the age categories:

U11: Born in 2012 or later

U13: Born in 2010 or later

A maximum of 4 boys and 4 girls can be entered in each age category and each gender. If TTCAN receives more than 4 entries for any of the events, then the players will be selected based on the results at the Canadian Championships (July 2022) and the Target Group Tournament (April 2023).

If you wish to enter, please respond to this email providing the following:

  • name of the player
  • date of birth
  • events to enter
  • copy of Canadian passport (photo page)
  • Persons to accompany player (parents, coach, etc.)

Please send the above information as soon as possible but not later than 4 September 2023 to: and