Demi Cai is one of the top three junior players in Ontario. Even though 2022 was her first year as a junior, she is not unfamiliar with international tournaments. She has three continental championship medals. Uncommon accomplishment among athletes her age. Demi began to play while being supervised by her family. Grace is a well-known coach, and Nicole has also represented Canada on the world stage. Recently, she spent many weeks at the finest clubs in the United States in quest of new experiences and to get an advantage.

Fine skills, passionate coaching

Here is her story:

I began playing table tennis at the age of six. My sister, Nicole Cai, was already participating in the sport at the time. I was intrigued and eager to try. I began my table tennis training at my mother’s club, Grace Table Tennis Club, where I learned my table tennis foundation and fundamentals.
I am enrolled in the pre-IB program at Victoria Park CI at now. I want to pursue my education in biochemistry technology in the future. In addition to my studies,

I participate in many athletic teams, including Volleyball, Track & Field, and Rugby 7s. In addition, I founded the school’s first Table Tennis Club with over fifty members and am a member of other clubs and councils.

I feel that every athlete strives to be the best. In addition to achieving that level of success, I want to be a role model who can inspire the next generation of table tennis players and develop a healthy table tennis culture. My greatest accomplishments to date include advancing to the 32nd round of the 2022 WTT Westchester Feeder Competition in Women’s Singles, earning two silver and one bronze medals at the U15 Pan American tournament, and achieving gold at the US Open Tournament in California, USA. At the Canada Winter Games, I hope that I and the Ontario team can represent Ontario with pride and do well in all events, winning several medals.
From my opinion, each Ontario female player has a distinct set of skills and playing style. To achieve a great trajectory for table tennis in Ontario, I think we need strong players and unselfish, enthusiastic instructors who can inspire all players and develop a supportive environment.

I feel that with hard effort and the support of my coaches and family, I can qualify for the World Junior Championships and proudly represent Canada on the world stage.