Greetings to all table tennis enthusiasts,

I am Yao Wei Wei from Hubei, China. I used to be a seven-year sports school female team coach in China. During my 20 years in Canada, due to the busy work and family, I rarely had the opportunity to participate in club competitions. However, at a friend’s gathering, a friend invited me to participate in the Chinese Canadian Internal League, which unexpectedly opened a new chapter in my life.

Rediscovering my love for playing

At the beginning, I had doubts about the table tennis skills of the Chinese Canadians, but I still decided to form a team to participate in the competition. After the game started, I rediscovered my love for playing because the competition here allowed me to regain my confidence and enjoy the fun of the game. The biggest gain was getting to know many like-minded friends. They had different playing styles, including long pimples, short pimples, and tacky rubbers. The European-style full attack play was more common, while the Chinese-style straight attacking and left push/right attack were less common. In terms of choosing between forehand and backhand, the mainstream was to attack with loop drives, especially against other spinny players, where only left push and right attack could cause great threats.

Winning weapon

Many friends asked me what my secret practice method was that enabled me to win repeatedly in the Chinese Canadian Internal League’s advanced group competition, defeat many ethnic opponents, and eventually win the personal total championship. For the high-difficulty balance and time allocation management between work, family, and playing, I only play once a week, which is the game night. I concentrate on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of opponents and using Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories,” to attack their weaknesses and defend my strengths. I use three or four different serve styles to probe for the opponent’s weak spots, devise offensive strategies, and strive to control the pace of the game to win. At the same time, I also attach great importance to physical exercise and nutritional intake. I usually engage in aerobic exercise and strength training, control my diet, and maintain a healthy body.

These are what I have summed up in my long-term playing and competition experience, not some magical method. As long as you take every game seriously, accumulate experience slowly, master basic skills, and use clever tactics and techniques, I believe everyone can achieve good results in the game.

I played table tennis at a sports school and university in Hubei, China, and also served as a seven-year sports school female team coach. This experience has given me a deep understanding of tactical training and dismantling methods in inter-school events, becoming a weapon for achieving good results in the Chinese Canadian league, and making me cherish the opportunity to play even more.

CCTTA have many talented players

What sets the “CCTTA” club apart from other clubs is that there are many skilled players who enjoy playing at CCTTA, where they can learn from and challenge each other, and even make friends. CCTTA has many courts, spacious venues, and convenient transportation, but it is hoped that the club can move to a new venue soon so that more families can obtain access to playing and enjoy the sport together as friends.