My TTC Mississauga
2436 Haines Road
L4Y 1Y6

Starting time:

– 09:00

Deadline to register:

May 12, 2022

Entry Fee:

– $50


– Players from the best team od Division 1 will receive free entry at the 2022 Canadian Championships (July 5-10 in Mississauga)
– Players from the top ranked team composed only of women players will receive free entry at the 2022 Canadian Championships (July 5-10 in Mississauga)
– Earn points for Ontario ranking
– Earn Canadian rating points – 2 Stars

2022 Double Fish Ontario Team Championships

MyTTC Mississauga

2436 Haines Road  Mississauga, L4Y 1Y6


    • Maximum number of teams: 48 (24 per division); first come first served
    • Number of players per team: Minimum 2, maximum 4
    • Event format: Progressive Knock Out
    • Tables: 12 (if delays referee may schedule some matches to be played on tables 13-15)
    • Number of team matches (if 24 teams register in division): Minimum 4, maximum 5
    • Team match format: Corbillion (A-X, B-Y, double, A-Y, B-X);
      The team can play with two single players;
      Same players can play in doubles or a team can replace one or both players with new ones only in doubles; the match ends when one team scores 3 wins
    • A Team can be composed of players of any gender and any ratings.



    • All teams will be divided into two divisions based on the sum of TTCAN rating points of the top two TTCAN ranked players
    • Teams will play Progressive KO;
      Final standings will result in teams ranked from 1-24 in each division
    • Division 1 will play on Saturday, May 14th
    • Division 2 will play on Sunday, May 15th

      • For non-players masks are mandatory

      • $5 administration fee if you withdraw before the registration deadline
      • All matches best of 5
      • All participants have to be active members of the Ontario Table Tennis Association or any other Canadian provincial TTA