Ontario Summer Games August 2-5th London

  • 60 players will participate at the 2018 Ontario Summer Games
  • This is the first out of three invitations that will be sent
  • This time players are invited according to the results at the last Ontario Championships and 2017 and 2018 Ontario Cup.
  • There will be 2 team categories: U18 Boys and U18 Girls; teams will consist of two players
  • There will also be 6 single categories: U13 Boys and Girls, U15 Boys and Girls, U18 Boys and Girls
  • All participants can play in one Team event
  • U13 participants can also play in the U15 event (in addition to the U13 event)
  • U15 participants can also play in the U18 event (in addition to the U15 event)
  • The cost is $300 which includes entry fees, 3 days hotels and meals
  • All participants traveling more than 300 km in one direction will get reimbursed 10c/km per participant (according to Ministry TCS rules)
  • All participants will stay in the official hotel (yet to be announced by the City of Mississauga)
  • Ten coaches and two managers (preferably 6 males and 6 females) will be given spots based on club’s participation
  • Each selected coach will be in charge of 6 players (from their and other clubs)
  • The best ranked player boy and girl at U18 categories and eligible to represent Ontario at 2019 Canada Winter Games will be select for Ontario Team at 2019 CWG.
If you are on list of invited players, please fill out the form and submit it before June 3rd.+ THE FORM HAS BEEN CLOSED (June 7th). New form will be available on June 7th at 8 pm.