Ottawa Table Tennis Club
18 Louisa St., #240
Ottawa, ON K1R 6Y6
Tel: 613-238-3232

Starting time:

– Class 7 9:00AM
– Class 6 1:00PM
– Class 4 5:00PM
– Class 3 6:30PM


Marc Richard

Deadline to register:

March 12, 2020


One event $40, 2nd event $30
– Earn points for Ontario ranking
– Earn Canadian rating points – 2 Stars

OTTC SPRING Championships 2020

Ottawa Table Tennis Club

18 Louisa St., #240 Ottawa, ON K1R 6Y6

Saturday (march 14)

  • Class7 9AM (Max number of entries 16)
  • Class6 1PM (Max number of entries 24) 
  • Class4 5PM (Max number of entries 24) 

SuNday (march 15)

  • Class3 6:30PM 



  • If 3-7 players one stage (RR)
  • If more than 7 players two stages
  • First stage: Round robin
  • Second stage: Straight Knock Out (best two players from each group advance)
  • All matches are best of 5 


  • DHS


  • All participants have to be member of the Ontario Table Tennis Association or any other Canadian provincial TTA
  • if you are a new player and beginner class 7 is the right place for you

  • there is a limited number of entries of 16 or 24 per category based on a first come first served

  • All classes are based on Canadian Ratings from March 2020. The lists of all classes will remain the same during the 2020. Click the box next to your class to check if you are eligible to participate.