At a meeting between Norm Tang, Mariann Domonkos and Adham Sharara, related to the Champlain TT Club, it was proposed by Norm Tang and accepted by all that the Champlain TT Club provide yearly scholarships as follows:
– One $1,000 scholarship to an active player from Quebec attending University or College (September 2019)
– One $1,000 scholarship to an active player from Ontario attending University or College (September 2019)
– Each provincial association to establish it’s own selection criteria and elect the player of its choice, provided that the player is already attending university or college, or is registered for September 2019.

Deadline for application is August 24th


Scholarships from
 Champlain TT Club

Deadline to Apply: August 24th

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Background information:
The Champlain TT Club was created by Mariann Domonkos 30 years ago at the CEJEP de l’Outaouais in Hull, using several locations over the years. When the CEJEP was completely renovated the club moved to Carleton University. Many coaches contributed to the development of the players in the club (Mariann, Adham, Donald Davidson, Attila Csaba, Guoxi Su, etc.). The players were from both sides of the river (Ottawa and Hull). Norm Tang’s daughter was one of the players and Norm took an active role in the management of the club together with Mariann, and later with Mr. Su and then Attila. The club is no longer in existence but it has a fund that was developed over the years. It is from this fund that the scholarships will be paid.