This year, 55 players competed in the Ontario Summer Games throughout the weekend!
A huge congratulations to all winners:

Boy’s U18

  • Jeremy Hazin

Girl’s U18:

  • Joyce Xu

Boy’s U15:

  • Alexander Bu

Girl’s U15:

  • Joyce Xu

Boy’s U13:

  • David Xu

Girl’s U13:

  • Nicole Cai

Boy’s Team Event:

  • Alex Moran and Moxi Guo

Girl’s Team Event:

  • Joyce Xu and Sabrina Chen

According to the participants, the highlights of these games were: hotel rooms, the food (especially dinners), meeting new people, winning matches, coaching others, beating tough competitors, and watching intense matches (especially the match of Alex Bu vs Terence Yeung).
Some of the staff and athletes were asked to describe the games in one word, to which they replied: great, exhilarating, intense, energetic, awesome, and fun. A huge thank you to all of the athletes and volunteers that made this year’s Summer Games an amazing one.
Thanks to Jeremy, Karen, Jean, Linda, Sally, Albert, Milan, Allan, Terrence, David, Michael, and the umpires for sharing about their experiences with the games.