The “August 2023” national team list has been adjusted to include, as an addendum, the players who reached the quarter finals (Top-8) at the 2023 Canadian Junior Championships.

The new simplified point system was finalized on 17 July 2023, which was a few days AFTER the 2023 Junior Championships. The new point system includes automatically to the national team list the players who reached the semi-finals (top-4), as well as those who have at least 700 points.

Because the new point system was announced after the Championships, and in fairness to those players who reached the top-8 as per the previous system, the TTCAN Board of Directors responded to a complaint made by one player/parent and decided to add the top-8 players even if they did not achieve the required 700 points.

This applies only to the August 2023 list. The new point system will apply fully as of the next list.

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