The Senior National Team list should be produced immediately after the 2023 Canadian Championships in Hay River. However, due to the cancellation of the Championships, the National Team Committee has agreed to produce the list now.

Normally, using the new simplified points system, 60% of the points would be allocated to the Canadian Championships. In the absence of a Canadian Championships in 2023 so far, remedial measures were taken by ensuring that the finalists of the 2022 Canadian Championships are included as well as the top 2 highest Rated players who are active in 2023. This did not affect the Women’s list. It resulted in one change in the Men’s list, which is the inclusion of Paul Qi (winner of 2022 Canadian Championships but not invited to the June Trials because not yet a Canadian Citizen).

Completed list. Please note that if a Canadian Championships is held before the end of the year, the list will be adjusted.