On August 22, sixteen players from Croatia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Italy, and Canada competed in the competition in Duga Resa. Jessie Xu, Sofiia Sheredeha (UKR), and Meech Dullaert all finished with the identical win-loss record. Jessie (304 at U19G WRL) was defeated by Soffia (135) by the narrowest of margins. In the seventh game, the score was 3:4 with 9/11. Later, Jessie defeated Meech by ¬†4:0. Meech defeated Soffia 4:2 in the tournament’s last match. Jessie won the competition having the best win-loss games¬†ratio of the three contenders.
Mark Gazvoda of Slovenia finished fourth. Other Ontarians in the final standings: Jaelan Chen (5th), Demi Cai (6th), Marvello LI (14th), and Zeljko Odorcic (15th).
The tournament was held at the conclusion of a four-day training camp at Duga Resa.