The qualification (trials) for the following events will take place on 2-4 June 2023 at My TT Club in Mississauga:

  • Pan American Championships, 10-17 September, Havana, Cuba
  • Pan American Games, 25 October – 5 November, Santiago, Chile

Athletes on the current National Team List (March 2023) are invited to participate in the trials:

NT invited players1ZHANG, MoNT invited players1WANG, Eugene
2LIAO, Ivy2HAZIN, Jeremy
3FU, Ching Nam3LY, Edward
4LIU, Crystal4WANG, Zexuan
5GAUTHIER, Sophie5MARTIN, Simeon
6MORIN, Katherine6JI, Max
7HUI, Tong May7LEHMANN, Matthew
8NIE, Jiayi8XU, Tommy
9XU, JessieQualifiiers9 
10ZHONG, Judy10 
Qualifiiers11 11 
12 12 

National Team athletes:

  • The above listed NT athletes will compete on 3 & 4 June (Saturday & Sunday)
  • On Friday evening there will be a pre-qualification event to select 2 women and 4 men who will take part in the trails on Sat-Sun to complete the above list.
  • The trails will be played in two phases, the first phase will be Group Round Robins followed by progressive knockout.
  • All matches will be 3 out of 5, except for the top 4 places (semi-finals and position 3-4).


  • The entry form will be made available shortly to enter the pre-qualification event (non-National Team players)


  • The top 3 men and 3 women in the final standing will be selected to the Pan Am GAMES and the Pan Am Championships.
  • The 4th man and 4th woman in the final standing will be selected for the Pan Am Championships only and will be the first alternate for the Pan Am Games.
  • Those selected for the Pan Am Games will be entered in at least one international event (WTT) in preparation for the Games, and /or a training camp. This selection is compulsory.

Balls: The Double Happiness D40+ balls will be used.

Travel and Accommodation:

  • Players from BC and MB will travel by air. Please book the best rate ticket and confirm with Melanie Ostashek, Operations Manager ( ) for booking and reimbursement.
  • Players from QC will be reimbursed mileage (car) for up to 2 cars including coaches.
  • Players from BC, MB and QC, will be provided the hotel for Friday and Saturday nights based on double occupancy (paid by TTCAN).
  • All meals are at the players’ own expense.


  • For selected NT athletes (above list) you must confirm your participation by 2 May 2023 by paying the entry fee of $100 by e-mail transfer to: