Ontario Team at 2023 Canadian Junior Championships

DULLAERT, Meech (Geng A)XU, Jessie (Three10)
GUO, Kevin (True North)FU, Chin Nam (True North)
YOU, Justin (True North)CAI, Demi Yu Ting (Grace A)
GREWAL, Jordan (True North)ZHONG, Judy (Geng Academy)
Coach: Horatio Pintea (Geng Academy)Coach: Raymond Zhang (Three10)
ZHANG Frederick (True North) LIN, Julia Qiulei (Elite)
XIE Lucas (Geng A) ZHANG, Sunny (Grace A)
LI, Mavello (Three10) YANG, Ruoyan (Three10)
DU, Aaron (True North)BAI, Stephanie (Individual)
Coach: Eugene Wang (True North)Coach: Anqi Luo (Elite)
XIONG, Malcolm Jinqian (True North) ZHAO, Amy (True North)
CUI, Clark (True North) LIN, Amber Xihan (Elite)
ZHANG, Kenny Fengjia (Grace A) FAN, Nina Yuyang (True North)
MAH, Zachary (Elite) BAI, Sophia (Individual)
Coach: Hongtao Chen (True North)Coach: Siqian  Fiona Wu (True North)

Selection criteria for Team events: The top three players in teams were chosen based on the results of the 2023 Ontario Championships, while the fourth player was chosen based on the Ontario Ranking List with the condition that they have participated at least at one of the recent tournaments (National Selections and Nova Open).