This week, TTCAN has sent to provincial associations the 2023 Target Group tournament selection procedure. During April 28-30, the tournament will be place in Laval, Quebec.

The selecting procedure is considerably different from the previous year. TTCAN will invite a maximum of 24 boys and 24 girls. The only guaranteed slots are for players invited by TTCAN and provincial qualifiers for U14 and U12 (boys and girls).

Three players are originally invited from Ontario: Sophia Bai, Frederick Zhang, and Aaron Du. Frederick and Aaron have been invited to participate in the U15 Selection Tournament for the PanAm Championships on the same weekend and at the same location, hence they will not be participating in the Target Group competition.

On the other side, the OTTA has until March 31 to submit further names to TTCAN. Given a short window (23 days) to propose players. The OTTA has determined that the nominations will be as follows (in order of priority):

  • Winners of U12 and U14 provincial qualifying for both boys and girls; these four seats are guaranteed for TTCAN’s next Target Group event.
    • Moreover, the OTTA will also nominate the following players and their inviation for Target Tournaments depends on TTCAN’s selection:
  • Winner of 11, Boys and Girls provincial qualifier; TTCAN aims for four U11 boys and four U11 girls.
  • 2nd from provincial qualifier U14 boys and girls
  • 2nd from provincial qualifier U12 boys and girls
  • 3rd from provincial qualifier 14 boys and girls
  • 3rd from provincial qualifier U12 boys and girls
  • 4th from provincial qualifier U14 boys and girls
  • 4th from provincial qualifier U12 boys and girls.
    Only players having a High Performance membership will be selected.

Provincial qualifications:

– for U12 and U14 boys and girls on March 19 in Markham at CCTTA;

– for U11 boys and girls two regional qualifiers (Toronto and Waterloo area – March 11th (girls) and 12th (boys) in Markham in Sunny, Ottawa region – March 12 in Geng Academy). The winners of two regional qualifications will play the match on March 19 in Markham, CCTTA for the winner of provincial qualifications.